5 Makeup Brushes You Need

Let’s talk makeup brushes.

Before, we start— Which one are you?

Makeup Brushes
  1. You have a makeup brush set and don’t know why you need that fluffy one.

  2. You are in TJ Maxx and bought something you thought you needed because you heard it’d be great or looked interesting but, don’t know how to use it.

  3. You watched a video or Instagram story about a makeup brush, considered getting it, but still don’t know if it’s for you.

  4. You have the same brushes since college and questioned the original color of that blush brush…

  5. You have no clue about brushes and you just want someone to tell you to get it!

    I am here for you.

Makeup brushes are incredible tools. You don’t need 50 for your daily routine. However, you need the RIGHT ones for what you’re trying to create. Every makeup artist has their favorites and their multi-use purposes for them. Here’s what I always reach to in my kit and why they’re great!

1. Angled Brushes

I love angled brushes to help apply blush, bronzer and cream products. Having a brush like this helps with defining angles in the face. The two I always have on hand are the Rephr #4 Brush and the MyKit Co. #0.4 My Defining Contour brush.

2. Synthetic Brushes

I love a great synthetic brush! Why? Synthetic bristles are used for lightweight application and can be used for blending creams, powders, liquid products, or pigments. Works great with mineralized products and you can use these brushes for creating soft layers of product. UHHH-mazing. Here’s what I have in my kit, the MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush (I’ve had this brush for more than 10 years and still going strong!), The Real Techniques Setting Brush, this little brush packs a punch for doing many things like setting powders, concealer application, or blending products well.

3. Foundation Brushes

I have two ways of applying foundation, brush and sponge. I love a brush because it helps apply the foundation evenly and I can layer the product to create more coverage, like my Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56 foundation brush . A sponge, will absorb more product, but it’s a quick way to apply foundation if you need a quick way to apply it evenly. Also, a sponge like the Beauty Blender (my obsession) has a lot of versatility to it, which is why I have this in my kit.

4. Eye/Brow Brushes

Here’s what you need for eyes and why—

A Tapered Blending Brush: To help blend out your shadows (when in doubt, blend it out!), The Bdellium Tools Studio 785 Brush and my OG brush MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush.

A Flat Shader Brush: To help pack the shadow, pigments, or shimmery shadows on the lids. I use the Sigma E57 Firm Shader Brush.

A Pencil Brush: This is used for precision in the crease, along the lash line, smudging, or creating the smokey eye by blending liners and shadows. This is been my tried and true, MAC 219S Pencil Brush.

An Angled Brush: An angled brush can help you create a wing, define the eyes, and if it’s tapered enough, you can use it to apply brow power on the brows! Bdellium Tools Small Angle #762 NEVER lets me down.


5. Tapered Brushes

Tapered Brushes help with those inner corners of the face applying powder and blending precisely where needed on the face. I’m a Target kind of gal, so when I found this brush there I lost my mind of how good it is! I have a few tapered brushes but I also seem to grab this one— The e.l.f. Small Tapered Brush.