No one ever said full-time working motherhood would be easy. No one said that sleep deprived nights would make you appreciate the little things of this world; things like coffee being warmed up for the third time and dry shampoo. However, one thing I do know is that grit and work ethic are two things that come into full force when building a legacy for your children. Yep, all the hard work will pay off one day when you tell them to follow their dreams; like you did. 

I'm here to tell you lady- that's right, you there, that you're doing amazing. I know that it's hard sometimes to be the best at all times and it can be exhausting  However, there's nothing like a pair of heels and a bomb mascara that can change your walk, your talk, and your attitude to keep going. 

Not only is this my first blog post (happy dance) but it's for women who need a little break from the routine and dive into some girl time. A time to disconnect and engage in some beauty and fashion fun. I'm here to talk about topics to make our busy lives easier from the quickest makeup routine to self-care tips. I'm a mom so many things I share will be for the working mom, the stay at home superhero, and the #bosslady who's making her dreams come true, one coffee cup at a time. 

Life is busy so make the rest fabulous.