I need a word with you.

You're way too hot and humid and this girl needs a break from your sunrays and melting abilities. However, I feel like I've gotten a hold of you and can keep my skin and makeup from wiping off in 2.5 seconds. So, you lose. 

Every season brings different areas of concern for our skin and self-care. Winter months can be drying and harsh and summer has its set of issues, too. However, I have found a few things that will help you feel radiant!

Let's get started shall we? 

Summer Skin-Care Must Haves

1. Let's start with sunscreen. You need a sunscreen that is light enough for makeup to not slide around the face and can help protect your skin from the harmful rays being out in the sun. I love the Pacifica SPF 50 Mineral Face Stick. It's Vegan and Cruelty-free, which is a major win! Glide it on and it's great under makeup, too. It's not sticky and it smells like the beach you've always dreamed of. 

2. Hydrating sheet masks are my go-to when I feel like my skin needs a little hydrating and plump boost! If you follow my Instagram stories, you KNOW this is the real MVP. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Face Mask is my favorite, EVER. You can find them at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, pretty much anywhere! In fact, when I see there's a few in a box in the aisle- watch out people, this lady is getting them all. They're also $2.99 which to me is major! Great quality and effective for an awesome price point. 

Makeup Summer Products

3. Say it with me, “Toner spray is my friend.” Truly. My two favorites are the Mario Badescue Rose Water Spray and the Pur Cosmetics Miracle Mist Hydrating Spray. These two can be sprayed on the face before moisturizing. This helps hydrate the skin without feeling sticky or too harsh. It’s spectacular. 

4. Moisturizer could be difficult to find sometimes. I encourage you to find one that makes you happy, fits your skin care needs, and your price range. I have a few that really help with the heat and are water based. The Sonia Roselli Waterbalm and the Clinique Moisture Surge. Both are great on the skin and leaving it smooth and hydrated. 

5. Fresh Beauty products always deliver. They are so great in quality and their ingredients are pure and natural. The Fresh SUGAR CANDY TINTED LIP TREATMENT SUNSCREEN SPF 15 is, "an ultra-nourishing tinted lip treatment that moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips while leaving a happy bright pink tint." And let me tell you, it's so pretty in color and in formula. I hate sticky lip products. This lip tint is beautiful and you won't be disappointed! 

 Outfit deatils: Tank-top is  Target , Belt from  J.Crew,  and Sunglasses from  Dress Up. 

Outfit deatils: Tank-top is Target, Belt from J.Crew, and Sunglasses from Dress Up.